First Week

I have completed my first week in Moldova!

I am working at the Center for Assistance and Protection of Victims and Potential Victims of Human Trafficking. This center provides services including psychological counseling, medical and legal assistance, and temporary housing. Currently there are four beneficiaries and three children staying at the center, but this number can fluctuate anywhere between 1 and 24. Because I just arrived and do not speak (much) Russian or (any) Romanian (yet!), I have been shadowing the other English speaking volunteers and staff members and getting to know the facility. However, within the next few weeks I should have a more set schedule. I believe my main tasks will include programming different events for the beneficiaries (my experience as an RA should come in handy here!), helping the child psychologist in the mornings, and teaching English.

Picture of the Center (taken from IOM website)
Picture of the Center (taken from the IOM website)

Besides from working at the center, I have had my first Russian lesson, and am meeting a lot of other volunteers. All of the volunteers have been very sweet and welcoming. Also, because they all have projects in different areas and have been here for a while already, they are savvy to the many events happening in Chisinau. Just this weekend I was able to go see a famous Hungarian pianist play at the national philharmonic, as well as go watch a Jimi Hendrix cover band perform!

Performance by Endre Hegedűs
Performance by Endre Hegedűs

While I am still overwhelmed by everything new, all of the wonderful people (and dog) I have met so far have made my transition as smooth as possible. So спасибо большое!

Photo on 2014-01-17 at 19.10 #3


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