March begins tomorrow, which means it’s time for Mărțișor! Mărțișor is a month-long Moldovan/Romanian tradition that celebrates life, new beginnings, and the coming of spring. On the first (tomorrow!) people will give each other little red and white adornments to wear. In some regions, these adornments are to be worn for the first 12 days of March, … Continue reading Mărțișor


Iasi, Romania!

Last Sunday I went to Iasi (pronounced Yash), Romania. I officially went to sort out my temporary residency permit. However, unofficially the trip turned out to be a great way to combat cabin fever (it’s been cold and misty in Chisinau for the past few weeks, so I’ve been spending a lot of time in … Continue reading Iasi, Romania!

Celebrating an Early Valentine’s Day!

Happy (Early) Valentine's Day from Chisinau! Today I went to a Valentine’s Day fair with my mentors! It was located on the bottom floor of a shopping mall (I was told the space is usually a shoe shop), and was full of different food and trinket stands – all Valentine’s Day themed, of course. I … Continue reading Celebrating an Early Valentine’s Day!