Celebrating an Early Valentine’s Day!

Happy (Early) Valentine’s Day from Chisinau!


Today I went to a Valentine’s Day fair with my mentors! It was located on the bottom floor of a shopping mall (I was told the space is usually a shoe shop), and was full of different food and trinket stands – all Valentine’s Day themed, of course.

IMG_2786 IMG_2789

I had an absolute blast. There were fake weddings being officiated (in an ironic/hipster-y way), and a polling booth where you could vote for the fair’s most eligible bachelor. There was also a TON of chocolate, face painting, and different charities being represented. But my favorite part had to be the salsa dancing performance, followed by our very own salsa lesson!


3 thoughts on “Celebrating an Early Valentine’s Day!

  1. Jessica,
    Be very careful about mixing salsa dancing with mentors! How do you tell a mentor from a regular person in a picture? They look the same to me! Glad you are having a good time. Hope the Moldovan Olympic team brings home lots of gold. How cold is it? We had a foot of snow two days ago, which you probably already know about.
    My best to the mentors.
    Pappy H.

    1. Hi,

      I get your replies! If you check the page again, you should see your replies show up at the bottom (to know they sent).
      My mentors are the two women in the picture with me under the balloon archway. They are the people who have been showing me around Chisinau, and making sure that I have things to do, know where to go grocery shopping, that I don’t get lost, and so forth (which has been very helpful!). We all went to this fair together.
      It’s getting warmer here, and the snow is starting to melt. Which means I’ve been walking around in slush for the last few days! But it’s still around -1/0 degrees everyday.

      Is it still snowing in Kamakura?

  2. Jessica, I wrote a note a few minutes ago. Did you get it? I’m still trying to learn how to do this. My best to the salsa mentors. Pappy

    Sent from my iPad

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