American Film Festival and a Japanese Dinner

Despite the dreary weather, I managed to do a lot this past weekend! The US embassy has sponsored a weeklong American Film Festival, where they play two or three free movies (in English!!) every evening at a local theater. On Saturday I watched Wall-E, and on Sunday Roman Holiday. I’m also planning to watch the original Ocean’s 11 on Thursday. The full list of movies showcased can be viewed here:

On Saturday evening I also hosted a Japanese dinner at my flat. The menu included miso soup, yakisoba, rice, and karaage. It was a lot of fun to both cook with others, as well as watch some Miyazaki clips on youtube! It turns out that Tototro is a fairly universally known animation. However, while the evening overall was successful, my yakisoba tasted a little off. I’m thinking that this was because of the sauce. Does anyone know how to make yakisoba sauce by hand without Tonkatsu sauce or any pre-made powders? Without those ingredients the dish ended up just tasting like soy sauce.

Even though I had some difficulties with the yakisoba, introducing people to Japanese food was a lot of fun, and I’m hoping to go to more themed dinners in the future! I have been promised Spanish, German, Polish, Italian and Estonian meals in return, and I’m super curious to taste them all! Learning about different countries and being able to taste a lot of different dishes are both definitely benefits of volunteering with such an international group!


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