MOOCs, Meetings and a Flu Shot

Hello! Week two started off quickly, with more book processing and bookmark making. I have a feeling I'll be doing a lot of this in the upcoming year! On Monday I also shadowed my supervisor at the All-Managers meeting, where the hospital's senior staff (e.g. director of nursing, directors of finance), come together to brief on the hospital's … Continue reading MOOCs, Meetings and a Flu Shot


Cancelled Hike and Bantham Beach much for hiking! It was raining on Saturday and the trip was cancelled. Unfortunately I didn’t know before I left the flat that morning, but luckily there were a couple of other members of the group also at the meeting point, and we all went out for coffee instead. They were very nice, and encouraged me … Continue reading Cancelled Hike and Bantham Beach

Week One

I just finished my first week of work, and let me tell you, it has been a blur! I can’t believe how much has happened. My official title is “Graduate Library Trainee,” and I’m working for the Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust (library homepage). The library is located next to Torbay Hospital’s Horizon Centre, … Continue reading Week One