MOOCs, Meetings and a Flu Shot


Week two started off quickly, with more book processing and bookmark making. I have a feeling I’ll be doing a lot of this in the upcoming year!

On Monday I also shadowed my supervisor at the All-Managers meeting, where the hospital’s senior staff (e.g. director of nursing, directors of finance), come together to brief on the hospital’s state-of-affairs. This was very informative, and provided a greater insight into the NHS as a whole, and as a political entity.

Then, I got a flu shot! A good thing about working in a hospital is that they are very health-focused (obviously!), and thus they were offering flu shots in my building all week. It took five minutes away from the desk, and hopefully it’ll mean that I won’t get the flu this year.

Apart from that, I’ve started a MOOC.


Two other staff members are enrolled, and this particular MOOC is run by an NHS librarian. The LIHNN (Library and Information Health Network North West (of England)) Introduction to Literature Searching MOOC “aims to provide librarians with the knowledge, skills and examples to provide an effective literature search service.” 

I worked at the Occidental library my senior year as a Peer Research Advisor, and my favorite aspect of that role was helping students with literature searches. Hopefully this course will prepare me to do the same in my new role, but with medical students and staff.

And yes! That’s week two. Tonight it’s Halloween, and I’m going to go watch Suffragette with a co-worker. Because what’s scarier than the denial of civil and political rights?


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