One Month In…

Yesterday marked the end of my first month at TSDFT. Since my last blog post I have:

  • Completed hospital induction with over 100 other new clinical and non-clinical trust staff. Some highlights of this two day affair included: a 30 minute presentation on hand washing, multiple tea breaks, and learning how to lift boxes.
  • Gone on a 2.5hr tour of the wards, thus getting to meet clinical staff and see the hospital “in-action.” This was very informative, as it helped contextualize my work. Also my manager is thinking about conducting short database tutorials on the wards, and so it was important to see which departments were interested in this scheme.
  • Learned the difference between a healthcare assistant, trainee assistant practitioner, staff nurse, senior sister, matron…phew!
  • Conducted a journal weed, which includes throwing away 6 months of our journal holdings. This is important because as a medical library, we are ethically bound to only show the most recent (a.k.a. last 5 years) of research. Also, to be honest, we just did not have the shelf space.
  • Started hiking with the Devon Bootlegs. So far I’ve been to Dartmoor, which is really stunning. I even saw some dartmoor ponies.
Lustleigh Village
Dartmoor Ponies
  • Started to learn more about literature searches and the healthcare databases that we offer. The MOOC is helping a lot.
  • Updated the management catalogue. In our library we use the SWIMS catalogue to keep track of everything from users to journal holdings. This has to be updated constantly: adding new library members, deleting those who have expired, updating new books, and so forth.
  • Going through a retiring psychologist’s donated books to see which ones were still relevant and could be added to the library’s collection (after a while of searching it became abundantly clear that none of the books were younger than me…even if I added an extra 10/20 years to my age).
  • Been introduced to CQC (Ofsted for hospitals). They’re coming for inspections in February, and while the library is not a top-priority (we’re not sure if they’ll come to speak to us directly), we’ve still started to compile an evidence-base to show we’ve met their standards.
  • Joined a netball team. We meet every Tuesday, and go workout at a local gym a couple of times a week (optional of course!).
  • Booked train tickets for a weekend in London.

…and that just scratches the surface! It’s been incredibly busy, but I’m still so glad this is where I ended up. I’m learning a lot about healthcare libraries, and even made some friends.


One thought on “One Month In…

  1. Thank you for including me on your list.

    Great to hear that you have settled well and that you seem to be having a very full and fulfilling life. Your job seems varied and you are obviously enjoying it.

    Your social calendar seems to be filling up. Have a good time in London.

    Love from


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