Christmas Cheer

Lidoff_540x540Torquay is many things, but secular? Not a chance. For the past month I’ve watched Christmas slowly take over town, and at work we’ve been inundated with Christmas trees, decorations and programming (as well as multiple boxes of chocolates from satisfied library users!).

Pantomime: A work colleague invited me to the local pantomime at the beginning of December. I had never been to a pantomime before, but I feel thoroughly initiated into British Christmastime now! Titled “Wild in the West Country,” it was an original production with a joint Dartmoor/U.S. Cowboy Western storyline. And in true pantomime style, it was jam-packed with one liners and actors forgetting their lines. We ate pasties in the middle, and then all stood up to sing God Save The Queen after the last performance of Miley Cyrus’ “Hoedown Throwdown.” A true British experience indeed.

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Lucky-dip: Last week I chose 50 or so fiction/mood-boosting books for our Christmas “lucky-dip.” Coming up with one sentence descriptions of each book (that were both cryptic and entertaining) was definitely enjoyable! We’ve spent two lunchtimes in the cafeterias lending these books to hospital staff for the holidays. It’s nice to work with fiction after dense medical books, and it was encouraging to meet staff who are passionate about the library.

SCBU: In addition, I’ve spent a few days with the Special Care Baby Unit, helping to raise money by bag-packing at Sainsbury’s. It’s a good way to meet other hospital staff, as well as interact with the public. Lots of customers shared personal stories about the hospital and this unit in particular, and these were very humbling to hear.

Bristol: On Thursday I was in Bristol! We spent the day with NHS/health librarians from the South-West region (about 45 people attended). There were presentations on “typical” library subjects: e.g. grey literature, discovery systems and quality assessment, and more general hospital matters: for instance, a senior nurse came to discuss “a day in the life” at Bristol Royal Hospital for Children. It was great to hear a clinical voice that put our work in perspective. All in all, it was interesting, and there was a Bristol-themed quiz to keep us entertained.children_s_site_-_home_page_500x168

FOOD!: So far I’ve already had two Christmas meals: one in Bristol, and one in the hospital cafeteria for a co-worker’s leaving-do. I love cranberry sauce and stuffing, so these meals are great (and make up for missing Thanksgiving!). In the next week there will be a few more to come. Now that I’ve had mince pies (delicious), it’s time for me to try Christmas pudding!

P.S. Last week marked the end of my second month at Torbay Hospital! Time flies. 


2 thoughts on “Christmas Cheer

  1. Jessica, I can see that you are enjoying your job and life in England. I read with interest all of your activities, and the cleaver way you write about them. Have a wonderful New Year.
    Love to you, always,

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