Library 101: Cataloguing

On Wednesday I got to have a go at some cataloguing. For those of you not familiar with library-speak, cataloguing is the process by which books, journals, audio-visual materials etc, are put into a database. Every title is described in a separate record, and each record contains searchable information plus computer coding. The coding is called [...]

Field Trip

Last week I visited Plymouth’s Discovery library, one of the biggest NHS libraries in the region. Although they have twice the number of staff and more than four times the amount of physical space, we share many of the same functions. I saw students and staff reading journals, researching and completing e-learning. Something unique to [...]

Winter Break 2015/16

I'm a little late with this one, but here are some pictures from the past few weeks! This includes exploring Devon and Christmas in Ilkley. Devon Dartmoor Pub Highlights: Fisherman's pie at the Rugglestone Inn and Veggie Crumble at the Warren House Inn Weather included: rain, hail, sun, flooding... Christmas (dead) Poultry Auction: I won't [...]