Weekend Getaway

I just came back from another weekend in London. Getting in early Friday afternoon, I immediately walked towards the river and spent an enjoyable few hours at the Tate Britain. It’s always fun to see some Henry Moore since he has exhibits both in Japan and Pasadena. One of the Tate’s featured exhibits was a recording of brass instruments which were damaged in the war. Conceptually this was interesting; however at times it was a little too loud/overwhelming.

The next day we visited the Museum of Happiness, a pop-up exhibition in Spitalfields market. I registered a few weeks earlier, as timeout.com and other event magazines promised it would explore the secrets that lead to a happy and fulfilling life through workshops and more. It was interesting, although smaller than expected. I did get to enter a raffle and do mindfulness origami though, the latter something very new! We did not stay for the laughter yoga, much to my disappointment, as it was open-air and the temperature dropped to 2 degrees Celsius. Leaving the venue after about an hour, we then went to Borough Market for some goat milk hot chocolate. Yum! With that to warm us up, we visited Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese (a really cute and historic pub), stopped in Dark Sugars Cocoa House to buy chocolates, and went home to watch “Making a Murderer” on Netflix.

On Sunday we continued the museum theme and hit up the Science, Natural History, and V&A museums. I really love how museums are considered free public spaces in the UK.  I was lucky enough be on a late bus back to Devon, so I got to see the dinosaurs and eat more good food before finally arriving back home. What a weekend!


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