Concerts in Bristol

What a busy few weeks. With CQCs, staff sickness, and deciding what to do next year, work has been a little hectic. Luckily though, I still managed to take a day off this week to go to Bristol for a concert.

The show was really great. I was transported back to LA for a few hours (they were all California based), which felt a little surreal.

Bristol is an ideal city for a short break. I stayed at the YHA, which I highly recommend. It’s in a great location (right on the harbour), and the rooms were clean and comfortable. Plus, most importantly, I met interesting people who were willing to chat with strangers over tea/beer. Got to love the hostel life!


A few weeks back a friend from university came to visit. She’s living/working in Madrid this year, and it was great to see a familiar face. During the long weekend we hit a lot of Devon attractions, and I managed to show her a fair amount of the neighborhood. My favorite had to be Dartington.

Despite the dreary February weather, it was really great to get out and walk for a bit. We also went to the beach and Cockington Court.

I have to say though, that I’m excited to go to Spain next month! While spring is definitely inching up on us here in the UK, I expect it to be much warmer there.