Met Office

The Met Office is the UK's national weather service. In 2004 its headquarters were moved to Exeter. It is a stunning building, with a sidewalk-inspired interior complete with street lamps, trees and a small creek. The Met is a huge organization, and has its own in-house library and archive. Last week I shadowed their librarians and archivist for a morning. Trying to … Continue reading Met Office


Southmead Hospital

A few days ago I visited Southmead Hospital and library. Recently re-furbished, the library was much bigger and more modern than ours here at Torbay. It's really great to be able to meet more people in the profession, and one of the things that I liked most about this visit was talking to staff who had previously worked in mental … Continue reading Southmead Hospital

Community Visits: Totnes

After we became an ICO (Integrated Care Organization) last year, the librarians here at Torbay have been eager to visit community hospitals for outreach. Last week I visited Totnes Hospital with my manager to meet with their staff. There's no designated library there, and the hospital is much smaller and considerably less frantic. Also its interior reminded me … Continue reading Community Visits: Totnes

Granada (Semana Santa part 2)

Leaving Madrid for Granada at 6:00am, we had one of the nicest long-haul bus rides I've ever been on. There was free wifi, individual screens on each seat, and best of all, the most amazing views of the morning fog lifting off the hills. One of my most successful Spanish-speaking moments was also on this bus, as I remembered enough … Continue reading Granada (Semana Santa part 2)