Southmead Hospital

A few days ago I visited Southmead Hospital and library. Recently re-furbished, the library was much bigger and more modern than ours here at Torbay. It’s really great to be able to meet more people in the profession, and one of the things that I liked most about this visit was talking to staff who had previously worked in mental healthcare libraries. Library people are friendly and always ready to give advice. And, graduating with an undergraduate in psychology, I am always eager to see how people integrate the subject into other careers paths. For instance, I learned more about recovery colleges, which “use an educational paradigm to complement traditional treatment approaches.”

After looking around the library, we were taken to the Brunel building, the latest addition to Southmead hospital. Entering, it was immediately apparent why it has been referred to as a “super hospital.” I have never seen anything like it. Looking more like a combination hotel/airport than hospital, there were even trees growing inside. However, my favourite thing had to be the robots. These unmanned robots take everything from bedding to bread around the hospital. A hospital of the future, indeed.




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