Knowledge Share

Current awareness is a buzzword in healthcare. For many years librarians have disseminated the latest evidence to their members using tools such as regular email lists. However, recently these systems have become more advanced. Brighton and Sussex University NHS Foundation Trust set up “Knowledge Share” in 2013 as a way to personalize current awareness.

Their system includes an algorithm which matches a database of user interests to indexed current evidence (including NICE resources, policy and events), thus enabling each user to receive a bi-weekly list of the latest information in their area(s) of interest.

This program started off in Brighton, but has quickly grown. It is now used across the NHS. Recently we’ve decided to buy into it, and someone from Brighton came to train us last week. It’s a pretty interesting program that also includes a literature search tool and a skills training management system. They’re also going to be introducing a social networking element soon – how very modern!

We’re trying to get this in place before the new batch of Junior Doctors arrive in August, so we’re probably going to have a steep learning curve.


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