Maastricht & Announcements

As some of you may know, in September 2016 I am moving to Maastricht to pursue  my MSc Psychology. Specializing in developmental psychology, I hope this opportunity will allow me to gain critical research skills and continue working at the intersection of information and the behavioral sciences. For more information about the program, check out this link.

Last weekend I took advantage of a British bank holiday weekend to go to the Netherlands. There I completed my application, checked out the university and generally explored with a friend. For more photos from our trip, click hereWhile the process was a little stressful (admissions are a lot more lax in the Netherlands than in the US, so a proactive attitude is necessary), I managed to complete everything that needed to be done.

Maastricht is a IMG_7537very quaint European town, probably most known for being the birthplace of our current, integrated EU (see: Maastricht Treaty). While it did rain for the entirety of the 30-odd hour trip, we managed to explore the city on an American school bus. One of the highlights definitely was Boekhandel Dominicanen (an ancient Dominican church renovated into a modern bookstore).

We were lucky enough to find a great deal on train tickets which included a night at a hotel close to the psychology faculty. The university campus is split by the river, with the neuroscience, psychology, health/medicine and business faculties on the quieter, more recently developed campus. Connected to the university hospital, the psychology faculty is modern, with a comfortable looking library and extensive cafe. While there did not seem to be many classes being taught while I was there (perhaps it was exam season?), I did picked up many fliers and even the school newspaper to get a feel of the campus and student life.

Overall the trip went well. I am excited to return in August and begin my studies. Hopefully I’ll learn a little Dutch too! I am grateful for this opportunity, and realize how lucky I am to hold UK citizenship and be considered European in terms of fees and travel. Hopefully this stays the same after the June 23rd vote!





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