Concerts and Comedy

While I sometimes complain about how isolated Torquay feels, Bristol is actually only two hours away by train. Last week I took advantage of this and traveled up for a night to see Bridget Christie (and others) at the Bristol Comedy Garden. On the heels of Brexit, the comedy was of course very political. While I [...]

Last Few Weeks

These last few weeks have been overwhelming. One of the biggest things that has happened was the EU referendum. Oh boy. I was in London for this landmark announcement, a city that voted overwhelmingly  to remain. You can imagine the atmosphere was a little more than tense that morning. Torbay voted predominately leave. However, even though [...]

Summer Entertainment Campaign

As I am getting ready to leave Torquay (just under five weeks to go!), I have been working on an independent project, the Summer Entertainment Campaign. This is based off of the Winter lucky-dip and is a way that hospital staff can have a book or DVD delivered directly to their ward or office. All they need to do [...]

Neurodiversity Day

A few weeks ago I joined the horizon centre for a day of neurodiversity training. Here we discussed how to best support neurodiversity in the workforce using a strengths-based approach. It was useful to discuss accessibility and learning differences, particularly in the context of libraries and medical education/re-validation. It was also a great way to network with [...]