Critical Care Presentations

After seeing students come in and out of the library everyday, it was nice to be invited to their end of year presentations. For each set of presentations a librarian gets invited to help mark and this time I was free to shadow the whole 1/2 day event. On this course, each student wrote an essay/made a … Continue reading Critical Care Presentations


Highweek Show

Last weekend I helped out at the Highweek Show and fete in Newton Abbot. As the official baking steward I got to follow a judge, make notes and even taste a thing or two. This was a lot of fun, although I had to keep a straight face when we reached my covertly entered biscuits. Luckily she wasn't too … Continue reading Highweek Show

Concerts and Comedy

While I sometimes complain about how isolated Torquay feels, Bristol is actually only two hours away by train. Last week I took advantage of this and traveled up for a night to see Bridget Christie (and others) at the Bristol Comedy Garden. On the heels of Brexit, the comedy was of course very political. While I … Continue reading Concerts and Comedy

Last Few Weeks

These last few weeks have been overwhelming. One of the biggest things that has happened was the EU referendum. Oh boy. I was in London for this landmark announcement, a city that voted overwhelmingly  to remain. You can imagine the atmosphere was a little more than tense that morning. Torbay voted predominately leave. However, even though … Continue reading Last Few Weeks

Summer Entertainment Campaign

As I am getting ready to leave Torquay (just under five weeks to go!), I have been working on an independent project, the Summer Entertainment Campaign. This is based off of the Winter lucky-dip and is a way that hospital staff can have a book or DVD delivered directly to their ward or office. All they need to do … Continue reading Summer Entertainment Campaign

Neurodiversity Day

A few weeks ago I joined the horizon centre for a day of neurodiversity training. Here we discussed how to best support neurodiversity in the workforce using a strengths-based approach. It was useful to discuss accessibility and learning differences, particularly in the context of libraries and medical education/re-validation. It was also a great way to network with … Continue reading Neurodiversity Day