Summer Entertainment Campaign

As I am getting ready to leave Torquay (just under five weeks to go!), I have been working on an independent project, the Summer Entertainment Campaign. This is based off of the Winter lucky-dip and is a way that hospital staff can have a book or DVD delivered directly to their ward or office. All they need to do is fill out an online form, and I sign them up to the library, match them with an item and then go and deliver it straight to their door. It’s a fun way to explore the hospital. As part of this program, I have also been learning how to use Modx to develop webpages to promote our health and well-being collection. This includes books on prescription, reading agency recommended fiction and a selection of health-based DVDs.

I like working with our non-clinical/mood boosting collections because, having previously studied reading in the context of psychology, I know how much of an impact reading and fiction can have on well-being and health. For example, you can read here about the evidence behind self-help books. I also took this online course about literature and mental health, which was very interesting.

To find out more about the Reading Agency’s Reading Well scheme, click here.


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