Last Few Weeks

These last few weeks have been overwhelming.

One of the biggest things that has happened was the EU referendum. Oh boy. I was in London for this landmark announcement, a city that voted overwhelmingly  to remain. You can imagine the atmosphere was a little more than tense that morning. Torbay voted predominately leave. However, even though I was surrounded by leave and UKIP rhetoric leading up to the election, I was still surprised at the results- I didn’t think they’d actually pull through. In the aftermath of the election no one is sure what these results mean for the state of England and the United Kingdom as a whole. Unfortunately, so far what has happened is a “frenzy of hatred” and a period of great social/economic uncertainty.

For more information, check this out this guide:

(And for all of those concerned, don’t worry, this doesn’t mean I can’t go to grad school next year).

Pride: A few weeks ago I went to London Pride. After what had happened in Orlando (not to forget the other murders and hateful legislation passed this year), going felt  more important than ever.

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What happened in Orlando was absolutely devastating. And yet, similar acts (gun violence and anti-LGBT hate crimes) continue to happen everyday, both in politics and the day-to-day lives of many. Xenophobia and racism have increased in the wake of Orlando and Brexit, but this isn’t new, and I could list many, many more instances of hate and murder that have happened in 2016 alone.

If you want to do something for LGBT youth in Orlando, you can donate to the Zebra Coalition here:

If you live/vote in the US, you can contact your state representative here about police violence:

You can donate to Alton Sterling’s family here. You can donate to Philando Castile’s family here.

Want to see the extent of police violence? Click here.

If you’re white and wondering how to step up your allyship:



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