Graffiti, Flea Markets and an Abandoned Factory

Phase two of my four-day German adventure was in Hannover. While a large city compared to Maastricht, it is smaller than Berlin and has a very industrial feel to it.

Here I stayed with a friend from high school who works at an engineering/welding/ laser (??) lab. To be honest I’m still not sure, but it sounds cool. For most of my time here we were also joined by a friend of hers, as well as some of their friends traveling from Vancouver and Copenhagen.

Because I was staying with locals, this portion of my trip was less walking tours/history lessons, and more inside-knowledge/everyday life. We mostly stayed in the “cool” neighborhood of Linden where there are a lot of outdoor cafes, flea markets and hip youths.

The street-art culture is incredible, both in Berlin and in Hannover. To see more, we spent an afternoon in an old abandoned automotive factory which has become a canvas for local graffiti artists. It was shocking, vibrant and brought beauty to an otherwise derelict space.

We also went to a huge Sunday morning flea market, again in the “hip” area of Linden. Not only did we buy some vegetables for dinner, there were also 1 euro sweaters, rhubarb banana jams and a whole plastic storage unit of ice skates. This was a very community-oriented flea market, almost like a communal garage sale, with lots of children selling their outgrown toys and games.

After the abandoned factory, walking around the city and having a big communal dinner, it was time to go back to Maastricht. Due to train cancellations I arrived just 30 minutes before class started! Definitely not wasting a second.


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