Kannen & Kruiken

Beer! Wine! Country music! Poffertjes!

While I spent most of the weekend in the library, making up for any study time lost last week, I did manage to go to the city’s wine and beer festival on Saturday night. Called Kannen & Kruiken, this outside festival was located in stadtspark and was a perfect way to spend a warm fall evening.

Picture taken from groen-maastricht.com/plannen/stadtspark.html

The festival ran straight through Thursday-Sunday. It was a fun time, with lots of food, drinks and entertainment. I tasted different types of wine and ate poffertjes, which are my favourite!

It seemed as though the entire city of Maastricht was there, and while the drinks weren’t cheap, there was no cover charge and we got to keep the fun (branded) glasses. There was also a lot of country/bluegrass music played, changing to Michael Jackson and club hits later in the night. Eclectic, but something for everyone!

For pictures, check out their instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/kannenkruiken/, and website here: http://kannenkruiken.nl/maastricht/


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