Fort Sint Pieter and Caves

One of the coolest "tourist-y" things to do in Maastricht is the tour of the Northern Caves under St. Pieterberg hill. On top of the hill itself there is a fort (Fort St. Pieter) built in the 1700s. It sits on one of the highest points of the city - making for some great photographs! The tour we took was … Continue reading Fort Sint Pieter and Caves


My trip to the NICU

The other day I visited UM Hospital's NICU. A NICU is a neonatal intensive care unit, aka a ward which specializes in the care of premature and/or sick newborns. This ward was split into three units: intensive care (for those who need constant care and monitoring), high care (those who need less care) and medium care (those who need … Continue reading My trip to the NICU