Day Trip: Amsterdam

Did you know that you can get a round ticket to ANYWHERE in the Netherlands for 7 euros?? All you have to do is find a group of ten people, and you don’t even have to come from the same station!

This is the NS Group Return Ticket scheme. It’s a great deal that many students use, and there are multiple facebook pages with the sole purpose of creating these travel groups.

I’ve used this a couple of times to get to/from Schipol, but last week a group of us also used it to visit Amsterdam (a trip that would otherwise cost 50euros).

It was great to go back to Amsterdam. I had only been once previously (you can see pictures from that trip here), and that was before I had moved to the Netherlands.

Amsterdam is enormous compared to Maastricht, and while that does mean you come across a ton of tourists (many from the UK on hen/stag parties…), it also means that there are many things to see and do.

As we were only here for a day, we decided to go on a free walking tour. You all know how much I love to go on these!

This particular tour was organized by Sandman, the same company that I used in Berlin. It’s run as a donation-based 3 hour tour, and our guide did a great job showing us a mix of modern and historical aspects of this infamous city.


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