Thesis (Research Proposal and Plan)

Well, I'm half way into my second week at Birmingham, and it has been hectic! I've met my supervisor, as well as a PHD student working on this study. I've also been to the University of Surrey to meet the other half of our research team, and from these meetings I've worked and re-worked my … Continue reading Thesis (Research Proposal and Plan)


Moving on

After a hectic period of exams, January was a welcome break. Passing all necessary theoretical courses in December, I've since taken "Academic Skills and Research Proposal," a ten-unit practical course designed to prepare students for our upcoming internships and thesis writing. This course consisted of statistics seminars, ethics lectures and writing tutorials. I wrote (and then re-wrote and re-wrote again) my … Continue reading Moving on


During my last week in Maastricht (more on that later), my friends and I decided to take a semi-spontaneous trip to Brugge, Belgium. Three hours away by train, this medieval city is truly beautiful. We were very lucky with the weather, and activities included: climbing up the Belfry of Brugge, beer tasting and of course, eating lots … Continue reading Brugge