Moving on

After a hectic period of exams, January was a welcome break. Passing all necessary theoretical courses in December, I’ve since taken “Academic Skills and Research Proposal,” a ten-unit practical course designed to prepare students for our upcoming internships and thesis writing.

This course consisted of statistics seminars, ethics lectures and writing tutorials. I wrote (and then re-wrote and re-wrote again) my research proposal, and generally prepared for my internship/thesis, which starts on Monday.

So what is the internship/thesis?

Well, it involves 1) writing of a research proposal, and preparing and planning of the research project, 2) conducting the research project, and 3) analyzing the results of the research project. This work will result in an individually written 4) master’s thesis. 

The internship can be carried out at Maastricht University, at an external research institute or at another, more practically oriented institution. I sought out an external project to work with, and it turns out that I’m the only one in my track doing this! The project that I’m working on is a combined venture between the University of Surrey and Birmingham.

So you know what this means, I moved -again! – more about Birmingham here.

I’m enrolled at the University of Birmingham as a visiting postgraduate for the next six months. I start on Monday, jumping straight into this new project by meeting my supervisor and others in the center/department. Essentially I am working at the intersection of politics and psychology, and looking at how emotions affect prejudice and anti-asylum seeker prejudice. Don’t worry – my next blog post will explain more about the project, and what I’ll be doing.

My time in Maastricht was really great, and over the past half year I got to do and see many things. For example:

Brugge   Den Haag .   Brussels .   Snow in Maastricht .   Day Trip: Amsterdam .   Magisch Maastricht op het Vrijthof .   Mt Rigi and Pilatus (Switzerland part two) .   End of Term One: Exams, exams, exams… .   Switzerland (part one) .   Fort Sint Pieter and Caves .   My trip to the NICU .   Kannen & Kruiken .   Graffiti, Flea Markets and an Abandoned Factory .   Berlin .   PAS+ Festival .   Orientation

So, while it’s bittersweet to leave, I’m excited for this new adventure, and will try to keep you all updated as best I can!



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