Weekend in Birmingham

This weekend was my first uninterrupted, plan-less one in Birmingham. It’s always a bit alarming to have a free weekend in a new city, and it requires a great deal of independence and planning. However, I was determined to take advantage and not spend the whole time writing my dissertation and binging on (more) Terrace House. So I took to Google.

Birmingham is a huge city, and so luckily there were many options of things to see and do. I used livebrum.co.uk and birminghammail.co.uk to find events, as well as Facebook (of course). Although I’m sure there are many other lists floating around online.

On Saturday I went to a vintage pop-up sale, where you paid for your 70s-style denim and sundresses by the kilo. It was hosted by the Custard Factory, a trendy and creative place in the Digbeth district.


I also went to a thrift shop called “We Are Cow.” Going to two vintage sales in a day?? I’ve never felt more millennial-hipster-cool. I didn’t end up buying any clothes (on a student budget here!) but I did manage to also hit up a huge farmers market around Bull Street, where I bought some great produce.

Then, today I went to Birmingham’s St. Patrick’s Day parade, also in Digbeth. I’m not quite sure why it’s held a week early, but it was huge. Apparently there’s a large Irish population in Birmingham, which probably explains its size/popularity. The theme was “dance,” and so there were many studios represented, and a lot of stepdance/riverdance.

After watching the parade for an hour, I went to a trendy coffee shop to get some work done. I’ve only been out to eat/drink in a few different places here (e.g., Urban Cafe, Damascena, Bacchus Bar, Cafe 55), but they’ve all been excellent.


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