When you think “British playwright,” or even just “playwright” who first comes to mind? If we were to conduct a survey family-feud style, undoubtably “Shakesepeare” would be one of the most popular answers. And while there are many places commemorating his life and work, I would argue that none are more popular/known than Stratford-upon-Avon.


A small(ish) market town close to Birmingham, there a number of places of tourist interest in Stratford-upon-Avon, including Shakespeare’s places of birth and death. In addition, it is also home to the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC).

Recently I spent the day in Stratford-upon-Avon, taking advantage of the recent good weather and its proximity to Birmingham with a friend. While there we walked down the River Avon, went on a supernatural ghost tour and, of course, watched a RSC play in the Swan Theatre.

Here you can take a virtual tour of the Swan Theatre. To use: Look for the white arrows on the floor. Use them to move around and explore our building. To look up, down, left or right. Use the top right four arrow square to go to full screen – press ‘esc’ to stop full screen.

We watched “The Hypocrite,” a light hearted comedy about Hull in the the English Civil War. It was funny, and many reviewers related its humor to Black Adder, which I felt was accurate. Standing places were only ten pounds, which I thought was a great deal for three hours of live entertainment!




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