It’s been a while since I last wrote and I thought I would upload a quick message about how everything is going. The last month has been incredibly busy, but in September I will hopefully have time to expand on some of the topics discussed below.

Grad School: Most importantly, I’m almost finished with my dissertation! A few weeks more and I’ll get my MSc in Developmental Psychology, which I’m very pleased about. We’ve also submitted the results of our study for publication, so I’m anxiously waiting to hear back about that.

Job: Apart from grad school, in June I started a new job at the University of Oxford! I am working in the Neuroscience, Ethics and Society team as a research assistant, doing some really interesting work on two projects relating to adolescent morality and early intervention programs for psychosis. Here is my Oxford Dpt. Psychiatry profile: https://www.psych.ox.ac.uk/team/jessica-lorimer. I’ll be here for 18 months, and apart from the obvious benefits of having full-time job again, I’m really excited for the learning opportunity.

Other: I was invited to a few different career-development programs this summer, including an “early scholars” program with the International Society of Political Psychology, and a “junior researcher” program in Croatia (http://jrp.pscholars.org/). They were both very interesting, and as a result of the second program I’m now busy working on a big-data study on morality and charitable giving. More on this later!

Phew! It’s been a very busy year, what with doing this and moving three (!) times. However, it’s very exciting, and I’m looking forward to settling down for a while in Oxford.


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