Last month I made a “bucket list” of everything I wanted to do before going home. One of those things was going to Bucharest, which I managed to do last weekend. The trip was a little spur of the moment, but turned out great. The city itself is very much alive, with a large student … Continue reading Bucharest



Yesterday I went to Soroca! Soroca is located in the North of Moldova, and is right on the Dniester river. This city is famous for its fortress, however unfortunately it is under construction (and has been for a while), so we were unable to go in. Instead, we hiked up a small hill to see “The Candle of Gratitude” … Continue reading Soroca

Eurovision Song Contest

On May 10th I watched the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time! It was very entertaining, especially since there were so many countries represented in the room. Hurray for international communities! The songs themselves were alright, however that's not why people watch the contest. Instead, we cheered for interesting costumes, the backup dancers/performances, and just all around … Continue reading Eurovision Song Contest


Happy Easter! The primary religion in Moldova is Eastern Orthodox Christianity. Because of this, Easter is arguably the most important religious holiday in Moldova. During April there are many traditions (most related to the Church) that are followed to celebrate Easter. For example, many people use a different greeting and response during this time (Greeting: "Hristos … Continue reading Easter

American Film Festival and a Japanese Dinner

Despite the dreary weather, I managed to do a lot this past weekend! The US embassy has sponsored a weeklong American Film Festival, where they play two or three free movies (in English!!) every evening at a local theater. On Saturday I watched Wall-E, and on Sunday Roman Holiday. I’m also planning to watch the original … Continue reading American Film Festival and a Japanese Dinner

Easter Egg Painting

Last week I had the opportunity to attend an Easter Egg Painting Workshop (thank you ADVIT for organizing this event!). Easter is a huge holiday in Moldova, and because of this there are a ton of workshops being offered and crafts being sold all over the city. This particular workshop was hosted by the Museum of Ethnography, and at it we discovered how … Continue reading Easter Egg Painting