Snow in Maastricht

After two weeks of winter break, I'm back in Maastricht! January term is different than the last two, as we have no theoretical classes and instead take a combination of writing, statistics and searching tutorials to prepare us for our theses. These tutorials are mixed, and so I sit alongside other psychology masters students, from … Continue reading Snow in Maastricht


Day Trip: Amsterdam

Did you know that you can get a round ticket to ANYWHERE in the Netherlands for 7 euros?? All you have to do is find a group of ten people, and you don't even have to come from the same station! This is the NS Group Return Ticket scheme. It's a great deal that many … Continue reading Day Trip: Amsterdam

Magisch Maastricht op het Vrijthof

Christmas here, which means Magisch Maastricht (Magic Maastricht) is back! This is a takeover of Vrijthof Square in the town centre. Going on for the entire month of December, it includes a skating rink, a christmas market where you can buy santa-paraphernalia, a 50m ferris wheel and even a Rudolph ride! I went yesterday, and it … Continue reading Magisch Maastricht op het Vrijthof

Switzerland (part one)

Here are a few pictures (and a video!) of a recent trip to Switzerland. It's only part one, but includes our quick stop-over in Basel and our first day in Lucerne. Basel Lucerne Aren't these beautiful! We also managed to take quite a few trips on the lake, thanks to our all-inclusive two-day passes. Here's a … Continue reading Switzerland (part one)

Fort Sint Pieter and Caves

One of the coolest "tourist-y" things to do in Maastricht is the tour of the Northern Caves under St. Pieterberg hill. On top of the hill itself there is a fort (Fort St. Pieter) built in the 1700s. It sits on one of the highest points of the city - making for some great photographs! The tour we took was … Continue reading Fort Sint Pieter and Caves

Kannen & Kruiken

Beer! Wine! Country music! Poffertjes! While I spent most of the weekend in the library, making up for any study time lost last week, I did manage to go to the city's wine and beer festival on Saturday night. Called Kannen & Kruiken, this outside festival was located in stadtspark and was a perfect way … Continue reading Kannen & Kruiken

Graffiti, Flea Markets and an Abandoned Factory

Phase two of my four-day German adventure was in Hannover. While a large city compared to Maastricht, it is smaller than Berlin and has a very industrial feel to it. Here I stayed with a friend from high school who works at an engineering/welding/ laser (??) lab. To be honest I'm still not sure, but it sounds … Continue reading Graffiti, Flea Markets and an Abandoned Factory


My class schedule changes week-by-week, and at 3:30 last Thursday I was faced with a four day weekend. Because my exams are still a little ways off, I knew I wanted to use my time to go on an adventure. A friend lives (relatively) close to Berlin and so with that in mind I booked train tickets and was off via Hanover - see the … Continue reading Berlin

PAS+ Festival

Last weekend was the PAS+ Festival (Parcours of Art and Science), celebrating the 40th anniversary of Maastricht University. Here's a link to the program: I had a lot of fun, mainly listening to music. This included a swing band, bluegrass group and even some Balkan beats. I also watched a sitar performance, listened to a brass band play … Continue reading PAS+ Festival