Highweek Show

Last weekend I helped out at the Highweek Show and fete in Newton Abbot. As the official baking steward I got to follow a judge, make notes and even taste a thing or two. This was a lot of fun, although I had to keep a straight face when we reached my covertly entered biscuits. Luckily she wasn’t too harsh on me, and I won second prize! There were only three entries, but I’ll still take it as a win.

I  now know how to distinguish fruit cakes, types of fudge and even freshly laid eggs (apparently it’s all about the rings).

After the judging was finished we had a bit of time to go to the fete. There were many stalls and raffles taking place, but my favourite had to be the tortoise racing. Daffodil, the one I bet on, got off to a great start but unfortunately lost due to his/her decision to turn around half way. Oh well!

When we were done cheering on the tortoises it was time to give out prizes. The kids were especially excited to see receive certificates for their vegetable animals, handwriting samples and egg art work. Anything that was not taken home was auctioned off, and I managed to snag a bunch of miscellaneous herbs for only 20p.