Snow in Maastricht

After two weeks of winter break, I'm back in Maastricht! January term is different than the last two, as we have no theoretical classes and instead take a combination of writing, statistics and searching tutorials to prepare us for our theses. These tutorials are mixed, and so I sit alongside other psychology masters students, from … Continue reading Snow in Maastricht


Magisch Maastricht op het Vrijthof

Christmas here, which means Magisch Maastricht (Magic Maastricht) is back! This is a takeover of Vrijthof Square in the town centre. Going on for the entire month of December, it includes a skating rink, a christmas market where you can buy santa-paraphernalia, a 50m ferris wheel and even a Rudolph ride! I went yesterday, and it … Continue reading Magisch Maastricht op het Vrijthof

Fort Sint Pieter and Caves

One of the coolest "tourist-y" things to do in Maastricht is the tour of the Northern Caves under St. Pieterberg hill. On top of the hill itself there is a fort (Fort St. Pieter) built in the 1700s. It sits on one of the highest points of the city - making for some great photographs! The tour we took was … Continue reading Fort Sint Pieter and Caves

Kannen & Kruiken

Beer! Wine! Country music! Poffertjes! While I spent most of the weekend in the library, making up for any study time lost last week, I did manage to go to the city's wine and beer festival on Saturday night. Called Kannen & Kruiken, this outside festival was located in stadtspark and was a perfect way … Continue reading Kannen & Kruiken

PAS+ Festival

Last weekend was the PAS+ Festival (Parcours of Art and Science), celebrating the 40th anniversary of Maastricht University. Here's a link to the program: I had a lot of fun, mainly listening to music. This included a swing band, bluegrass group and even some Balkan beats. I also watched a sitar performance, listened to a brass band play … Continue reading PAS+ Festival


The week of orientation was full of new people, activities and places. Not only did I meet most of my classmates, I also got to explore the campus(es) of Maastricht University and discover the PBL system. My Group While some Dutch students did attend, this week was only for those of us who didn’t complete … Continue reading Orientation

Maastricht & Announcements

As some of you may know, in September 2016 I am moving to Maastricht to pursue  my MSc Psychology. Specializing in developmental psychology, I hope this opportunity will allow me to gain critical research skills and continue working at the intersection of information and the behavioral sciences. For more information about the program, check out this link. … Continue reading Maastricht & Announcements