Moving on

After a hectic period of exams, January was a welcome break. Passing all necessary theoretical courses in December, I've since taken "Academic Skills and Research Proposal," a ten-unit practical course designed to prepare students for our upcoming internships and thesis writing. This course consisted of statistics seminars, ethics lectures and writing tutorials. I wrote (and then re-wrote and re-wrote again) my … Continue reading Moving on


End of Term One: Exams, exams, exams…

A few weeks ago I took my very first set of exams in Maastricht, thus signifying the end of classes 1 and 2. I am pleased to say that they went well and I'm on to my next set, but I thought I should reflect on the exam process and the classes in general for … Continue reading End of Term One: Exams, exams, exams…

My trip to the NICU

The other day I visited UM Hospital's NICU. A NICU is a neonatal intensive care unit, aka a ward which specializes in the care of premature and/or sick newborns. This ward was split into three units: intensive care (for those who need constant care and monitoring), high care (those who need less care) and medium care (those who need … Continue reading My trip to the NICU


The week of orientation was full of new people, activities and places. Not only did I meet most of my classmates, I also got to explore the campus(es) of Maastricht University and discover the PBL system. My Group While some Dutch students did attend, this week was only for those of us who didn’t complete … Continue reading Orientation